Reports, incredible as they may seem, are not the results of mass hysteria. The​ ​Night of The 24-Hour Give is upon us! During this unique, zombie-ified event,​ ​Verdin will use its time, talent and braaains to give back to the Central Coast​ ​community. With the support of other local businesses, we’ll hunker down for​ ​24 hours to rebrand one lucky nonprofit organization (a $100,000+ value).

For 15 years, we’ve been perfecting the branding and marketing process. We’ve​ ​developed a proprietary strategy to help our clients get the visibility they need.​ ​Who will get the “marketing cure” in 2019? We need your help deciding.

This is no Sunday School picnic. It’s The Night of the 24-Hour Give.


We couldn’t do this without the contributions of our amazing community partners:

If your business is interested in donating in-kind support to our rebrand process or a gift to the winning nonprofit, email us and let’s chat!

What is the 24-Hour Give?

The 24-Hour Give is Verdin’s way of donating our expertise and capabilities to boost the visibility of a nonprofit in San Luis Obispo County. The gift is unique for several reasons:
  • A nonprofit receives a full rebrand, marketing strategy and materials to carry out the strategy.
  • Everything is given to the nonprofit free of charge — a value of more than $130,000.
  • It’s a community gift, including in-kind contributions from other local businesses, and donations from anyone who wants to participate.
  • It’s all created in 24 consecutive hours.

In a nutshell, what does the
gift include?

  • A complete rebrand
  • A new website
  • A new PSA
  • A full marketing strategy and training
  • Custom photography
  • Media advertising donations
  • Printing donations for marketing materials
  • A venue to host a fundraising gala

How did it all begin?

Verdin used to throw a grand holiday party every year. In 2014, we decided to​ ​use those resources to do something more meaningful.

This desire led to the first-ever 24-Hour Give event on November 20 and 21,​ ​2014. The goal was to give a worthy local nonprofit an entire rebrand — from logo​ ​to website — in just 24 hours.

We couldn’t do it alone, so we reached out to other local businesses and received​ ​enthusiastic responses from printers, media, a video production studio, caterers,​ ​restaurants and even a yoga studio to keep us going for the whole 24 hours. We​ ​now have a dedicated team of community partners that returns every year, and​ ​we always welcome more support through businesses coming together and​ ​donating their services!

The response to the first 24-Hour Give was overwhelming, resulting in more than​ ​$80,000 in services contributed by all involved. OP C.O.Y. (Coaching Our Youth)​ ​received a new logo, stationary, brochure, print and digital ads, social images and​ ​television and radio PSAs to support a beautiful new brand. The grand reveal at​ ​the end of the 24 hours brought smiles, tears and the understanding that we had​ ​given a deserving recipient something truly beneficial. Right away, we knew we​ ​were going to keep doing this.

And we did, rebranding Literacy for Life in 2015, Meals That Connect in 2016,​ ​Stand Strong in 2017 and CreekLands Conservation in 2018. Each year, we are​ ​overwhelmed by the support we receive from our partners and the thousands of​ ​community members who nominate, vote and follow the progress. And, each​ ​year, the gift gets a bit larger. Last year’s rebrand package was valued at more​ ​than $130,000!

We are honored to offer this opportunity to a nonprofit once again in 2019 and​ ​look forward to celebrating the sixth year of our community coming together in​ ​generosity!

Past Recipients